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iSphere is a Houston-based IT Consulting & IT Staffing Services firm dedicated to solving your IT challenges with a proven track record in both the private and public sectors. iSphere offers extensive knowledge and demonstrated expertise - from IT consulting on strategy, collaboration and information management to IT staffing. We'll guide you through the maze with clear, logical solutions.

Expect IT Excellence; iSphere Delivers More iSphere's two core services lines, IT Consulting and IT Staffing, allow us to support and improve the entire IT organization. Our extensive expertise in technology systems and operations is enriched by our deep staffing resources and experience. As a result, we have become both an IT solutions and talent provider to businesses who expect more knowledge, more resources and more experience from their technology partners.

IT Consulting Services – Discover iSphere's Strategy & Planning, Applications, Infrastructure and Governance offerings.

IT Staffing – Learn how iSphere delivers top talent through contract recruitment, direct hire solutions and sourcing strategy development and optimization. Interested in seeing iSphere services in action? Check out our white pages to learn more.

IT Consulting Services

With a results driven focus on IT to help businesses maximize their IT systems, iSphere offers a comprehensive range of IT consulting ser vices. Our IT consulting teams help clients plan, build and manage their technology systems, applications and environments. Click on a category to learn more.

Results-Oriented IT Consulting Services

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strategy & planning

At iSphere we consider IT Strategy & Planning as essential as the bottom-line results our solutions deliver. Our team of highly-skilled, experienced consultants has a proven track record for partnering with clients, digging deep into their challenges and opportunities, and designing IT environments and solutions that achieve their technology goals.

Our Most recent strategy and planning approach:

Technology & Business Assessment – iSphere partners with IT staff, business teams and senior executive leaders to identify the present state and future needs of the organization. From this assessment, the foundation for a new strategic framework can be laid and built upon.

Strategy Presentation and Buy-in - Ensuring a good plan is in place and that it's embraced by the whole company is critical to project success. For this reason, iSphere builds a strategy presentation phase into our planning processes so that all key stakeholders have an opportunity to review, analyze and give input to the strategy before the solution execution phase begins.

Requirements Planning - Using a strategic plan, iSphere consultants work with technology and business leaders to outline the roadmap of tactical details that put that plan in place. This process ensures that all stake holders understand the needs and requirements for the organization to achieve its goals.

Are you combining new and existing data sources to make better decisions about your business? How could new data sources including social, sensors, geolocation, and video be integrated to help improve your business performance? You need to make it work for you!

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app development & testing

Technology consultants at iSphere develop, test and launch world-class applications and systems. Through our development and testing excellence, clients get: Competitive advantage by tapping into the skills of our technology savvy development teams. Efficiency and performance by working with a team that understands your industry and business challenges. Cost-savings by working with a team of proven technology specialists who know how to get the job done and deliver to the highest SQA standards.

Our most recent app development & testing solutions:

iSphere team members provided Data Warehousing development, oversight and production support for three major global projects for a large independent energy exploration company. iSphere's staff activities included maintaining overall data integrity within the data warehouse; analysis and production of metadata for source data mapping and troubleshooting, analysis and problem solving for all errors, and communication with both end users and developers on data warehouse usage and potential impact issues. The data managed was displayed within an executive dashboard for use by the client's Board of Directors for evaluation of the cost and production for each capitalized project. The technical skills and tools used by iSphere's staff included Oracle SQL, SSL, Unix scripting, Perl and Autosys.

iSphere's team assisted a client with their Tibco service-oriented architecture (SOA) to support message-based transactions and Web services. The messaging backbone supports load-balancing and routing, and is fault tolerant with semantics supporting standard request/reply functionality as well as publish/subscribe interactions. It also supports both synchronous and asynchronous messaging.

The iSphere team participated in implementation of a single sign-on solution combining Oracle, LDAP, ColdFusion and Web Services for the number one cancer center in the country. This project's goal was to centralize authentication and authorization, eliminating the need for new Web applications and to have built-in user management functionality. iSphere team members also helped modify the client's intranet and Internet presence including development and maintenance of a large number of Web applications and the customization of their content management systems used for Web presence.

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cyber security

Certified professionals are ready to help you manage your information security. We can assist you to better secure your IT operations that ensure the business runs well and flexibly support innovation, growth and change while keeping your assets and applications secure. Our cyber security expertise is focused on four core areas:

External Security Assessments evaluate the overall security posture of the enterprise from the perspective of an anonymous source on the Internet. It focuses on services that the enterprise makes available

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big data

Today's technologies give businesses of all types access to big data that's growing in volume, variety, velocity and complexity. More data, coming from more sources faster than ever, so the question is:


Are you combining new and existing data sources to make better decisions about your business? How could new data sources including social, sensors, geolocation, and video be integrated to help improve your business performance? You need to make it work for you!

As a trusted partner we will help you bring order to your Big Data. Our expertise in proven mature technologies combined with our consultants thought leadership in emerging technologies will help you implement the appropriate technologies that you need to manage and understand your data. This will help you make better decisions faster than ever before. So whatever your Big Data challenges are , iSphere will provide you the strategic guidance you need to succeed.

Our big data services:

NoSQL Solutions,
Hadoop Solutions,
Big Data Analytics
Business-level Big Data
Strategy Consulting

we can help you with:

NoSQL Databases: Cassandra, MongoDB, Hbase, Redis, Hive, Couchbase

Hadoop Technologies: Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Pivotal, IBM and AWS

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Our team of consultants has specific expertise in IT Management, Project and Program Management, Quality Assurance and Risk Mitigation. Our goal is to par tner with clients to make sure their strategy is implemented and that systems and technology are operating according to plan.

  • IT Management - iSphere can assist you with the management of your technology staff and initiatives either on a permanent or temporary basis.
  • Project and Program Management - iSphere takes over the project management for critical IT initiatives.
  • Quality Assurance - iSphere ensures the utmost quality across a wider range of IT projects.
  • Risk Mitigation - through strategic IT planning and consulting, iSphere helps businesses manage and reduce the risk of their critical programs.

Our most recent governance solutions:

iSphere led the deployment of an enterprise data warehouse at a large public sector organization. The project involved the coordination of diverse stakeholders, multiple systems and varied interests. iSphere was able to bring all parties together to achieve shared success and deliver the project under its original budget. The project demanded integration of multiple data sources, data scrubbing and validation, and real-time XML links to production data sources.

A large school district chose the project management consulting services of iSphere to Project Manage the migration of all functions and data currently handled in the existing Student Information System (SIS) to a new SIS. In addition to replacing the functionality of the current SIS, the district also had to rewrite any interfaces between the new product and over 25 related student data applications.

iSphere recently managed a client-wide rollout of employee kiosks at over 250 locations for use by its over 20,000 employees. This complex endeavor was accomplished in 10 months and required the writing of specialized interfaces to Oracle financial systems and the coordination of many subcontractors and internal client groups to achieve the rollout of the system to all of the internal users.

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We provide infrastructure planning, building and optimization services. We help clients achieve efficient and secure IT operations that ensure the business runs well while flexibly supports innovation, growth and change.Our infrastructure expertise is focused on four core areas:

  • Architecture
  • Networks
  • Optimization
  • Security & Compliance

Our most recent infrastructure solutions:

iSphere performed an infrastructure assessment for a rapidly growing medical device manufacturer. The assessment results helped the company improve their network and security infrastructure, identifying key network bottle necks and security concerns that were easily remedied.

iSphere performed a security software rollout for a client with over 250 locations. This application is part of an overall revised security posture to protect from Internet-based threats and intrusive activities. The iSphere team performed this rollout in six months.

iSphere helped a client get better control of its specialty equipment by designing and implementing a remote network monitoring and management system. This system monitors the health and status of the unattended devices at all times and provides remote access into the machines, where the previous system which iSphere replaced was unreliable.

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healthcare IT consulting

We are a full-service practice providing best-fit solutions that allow our clients to reach their desired goals by gaining efficiencies, improving performance and accuracy while achieving value using cost effective solutions. We create these solutions, keeping in mind the end-to-end healthcare environment which will achieve results in a cost-optimal and time–optimal manner, as well as, applying next generation technologies such as:

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govt. purchasing co-op

Our long-standing relationship to purchasing cooperatives benefits our clients by offering them a more streamlined procurement process.

iSphere is a member of the following Purchasing Cooperative. Please click on each icon to learn more:

TIPS DIR Buy Board

education IT

An unflagging work ethic, an average of 15 years' K-12 education experience with a passion for innovative service and solutions, our K-12 clients know they can depend on iSphere. Our education practice serves as trusted advisors for K-12 schools, districts and state education agencies. As solution strategists and architects, iSphere provides consulting, program/project management, professional services and staff to help clients achieve their strategic goals and transform education through innovative technology solutions.

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collaboration technologies

Collaboration tools are powerful application and programming platforms. Your business can experience substantial improvements among employees and partners in a multitude of ways including; information sharing, data organization, reporting, publishing, and project management. The key to realizing these gains is to carefully plan and execute your collaboration strategy and vision.



  • Business Applications Design
  • Governance
  • Migration


  • Workflows
  • Business Connectivity
  • Intranets and Portals


  • System Administrators Staff


  • System Administrator Support
  • Full System Maintenance and Support
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workforce mgmt

The BioScreenTM is a powerful, patented device that changes the rules of enterprise workforce management, and gives you the power to interact with your employees in new and time-saving ways. The BioScreen is an open architecture touch screen kiosk, that organizations use for everything from employee attendance tracking and self-service, to secure access control.

Coupled with the Primetime application, which provides a rich graphical interface for your timekeeping staff, this Biometric workforce solution provides an outstanding Return on Investment of typically less than one year over manual solutions. Read some of our case studies.

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IT Staffing Services

Rigorous recruitment, top consultants delivered. In order to meet any hiring need, iSphere provides a full range of IT Staffing services. Houston may be our headquarters, but we provide top IT talent and teams to businesses across the state of Texas and throughout the U.S. Whether recruiting technology experts to fill a short-term need or finding a team to manage a complex, multi-year project, iSphere delivers top consultants through a rigorous program of recruitment best practices.

Results-Oriented IT Consulting Services

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sourcing strategy

A smart sourcing strategy Achieving the right balance of leadership and staff is a challenge for any IT organization. A smart sourcing strategy requires careful planning. iSphere's workforce experts have been helping businesses build top-performing IT organizations for more than 10 years. To help companies create the most efficient IT teams and leverage smart, cost-effective talent sourcing options, iSphere offers proven IT Sourcing Strategy support and consulting.


iSphere staffing experts conduct a full assessment of current teams, leadership structure, recruitment practices and hiring processes. Based on those findings, iSphere builds a detailed Sourcing Strategy that makes the most effective use of resources while leveraging recruitment and implementing best practices to reduce workforce costs and deliver top talent. The result is a blue print for building and maintaining a higher performing, more efficient and less costly IT organization.

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contract hire

We understand the strategic and bottom-line value of flexible IT staffing.We are experts in helping businesses source, evaluate and hire talent for positions with diligent professionals whose contributions are continuous and significant throughout the term of their contracts. Whether expanding a team to manage a one-time project or ramping up to meet an urgent demand, iSphere has a vast database of proven IT consultants. Our widespread networking connections and extensive, nationwide recruiting capabilities allow us to deliver expert resources every time.


While iSphere can and does fill contract positions across all technology skill sets, our industry experience has given us deep insight into the following areas of specialization:
IT Strategy & Planning
Project Management/PMO
Application Development
Tech Support/Help & Service Desk
Contract to Hire

iSphere also provides IT consultants for contract-to-hire roles in cases where an employer needs to test the IT professional’s fit to the job and company before making a long-term employment commitment.

The Process

iSphere has developed a carefully planned methodology for identifying the best talent for each client. Starting with a thorough review of the job request, iSphere identifies appropriate consultants through their extensive networking channels and conducts a comprehensive review to determine fit. Appropriate candidates are then qualified through an internal interview before ever meeting the client. Once the candidate passes iSphere’s review, references are verified and interviews scheduled.

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direct hire

Conducting a rigorous consultant search, screening assessment, interviewing & contact negotiation processes to help IT organizations fill direct hire positions with the best professionals for the job. Handled on a contingency basis, clients only pay when they hire an iSphere direct-hire consultant. The secret to our direct hire recruitment success is process excellence. Our clients can be certain that the iSphere consultants they interview have been painstakingly vetted and are well suited to the job and company culture.


iSphere identifies appropriate consultants through their extensive networking channels and conducts a comprehensive review to determine fit. Appropriate candidates are then qualified through an internal interview before ever meeting the client. Once the candidate passes iSphere’s review, references are verified and interviews scheduled.

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