Assessed organization-wide IT infrastructure needs

Deliver 38-page in-depth audit, including recommendations for repositioning company's IT operations

Outlined skill-set needed for new IT manager

Coordinated recruitment, vetting and hiring of BMI's new IT manager

Onboarded new IT manager within one week of accepting position

"iSphere is a team you want to partner with. They tell it like it is, they are honest and trustworthy"

— Carlotta Lansford, BMI CFO

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Auditing, Recruiting, Consulting – The Many Ways iSphere Helped Transform IT at BMI


Byrne Medical Incorporated (BMI) is an internationally recognized leader in infection control solutions for GI Endoscopy care. Founded in 1997, BMI continues to grow its line of infection control products to meet the everchanging industry recommendations and standards for quality care.


BMI has experienced rapid growth over the past three years. In 2009, the company's revenue grew 60% over 2008 and an additional 61% through May of 2010. As the company grew, so did the number of employees from 50 in 2007 to 225 today, not including consultants. As a result of BMI's rapid growth in multiple areas, their systems, infrastructure and networks had become overloaded by the growing populations of users and their IT demands.


With the hiring of a new CFO, it was determined that BMI needed to conduct an audit of their IT infrastructure to fully understand its status and determine steps to position BMI for their current size and projected growth. Aware of iSphere's strong reputation in the marketplace and experience building IT infrastructure, BMI turned to iSphere to conduct the audit. iSphere delivered BMI an in-depth 38-page audit of their IT needs within three days of their site visit, including recommendations for positioning themselves to handle projected growth and the need to hire a full-time IT infrastructure professional.

Impressed with iSphere's conclusion to hire a full-time IT manager, BMI asked iSphere to define the parameters of the recommended position, determine responsibilities, outline the skill sets needed to move the company forward and identify talent for BMI's consideration. The pressure was now on, requiring iSphere to rapidly engage their resources and network to discover specialized individuals from within their expansive homegrown set of contacts including more than 5,000 technology professionals.

Within two weeks of getting approval on the IT manager position, iSphere coordinated the recruitment, vetting and hiring of BMI's IT manager. After accepting the position, iSphere had the new IT manager on the job within one week.

"iSphere exceeded our expectations throughout the audit and recruiting processes. Because IT was not my area of expertise, I needed a partner we could trust and who would guide us in the best decision for the company and not feed me lines just to get business. They were prompt, professional and recognized the value of my time as they presented candidates. I never felt taken advantage of but rather that they were our partner. iSphere pulled through for us," said Carlotta Lansford, BMI CFO.

The third area in which iSphere partnered with BMI was in addressing a systems issue brought to their attention by BMI involving tracking hours for their increasing number of employees. BMI was using a time clock system that was outdated and inaccurate and turned to iSphere for consultation. Because of their partnership philosophy, iSphere took it upon themselves to research options for BMI to consider as upgrades to their current time clock system, ultimately connecting them with a company specializing in this area. "They are truly looking out for the betterment of the company. iSphere would do anything for us. We truly feel that," added Lansford.


The audit of BMI's infrastructure was met with great success. iSphere produced a thorough, well-defined audit within three days of the project initiation. Not only did the report provide the foundation upon which the IT department is now structured, it also serves as a reference for new hires throughout the company.

Secondly, iSphere conducted a two-week recruitment campaign identifying five highly-qualified professionals for BMI to consider for their IT manager position, two of whom became finalists for the position. In fact, BMI's owner was inclined to hire both individuals with the mindset that the company's level of growth would warrant both of their skills in the future. However, iSphere knew it was not ultimately in BMI's best interest and recommended they hire only one of the two finalists.

"iSphere is a team you want to partner with. They tell it like it is, they are honest and trustworthy," said Lansford.

BMI took iSphere's recommendation to hire one IT manager and could not be happier. The person they hired has exceeded expectations and his level of expertise has helped BMI manage their growth and keep the company's IT infrastructure intact throughout the process.

Thirdly, the resource with whom iSphere connected BMI to resolve their time-tracking challenges has proven to be another reliable partner.

Thirdly, the resource with whom iSphere connected BMI to resolve their time-tracking challenges has proven to be another reliable partner