Consultants Choose iSphere

Why Choose iSphere? Our Consultants Are More Than Just a Number – iSphere Provides You With More. At iSphere, we pride ourselves on providing our consultants an experience that not only satisfies their professional needs, but also their personal needs. In addition to exposure to many opportunities to work with some of the Houston area’s finest IT managers, iSphere consultants benefit from the following:

Consultant/Client Care Representative We have a member of the iSphere team dedicated to managing the experience of our consultants. Our Consultant/Client Care Representative meets with consultants on a regular basis, one-on-one, to make sure their needs are being met, listen to their ideas and feedback, and then serves as a liaison with the iSphere team to make sure each consultant’s experience is a great one.

Health Insurance iSphere offers our consultants health insurance coverage at several different levels. Please contact iSphere for details.

LinkedIn Consultants both current and past are invited to join the iSphere LinkedIn group to keep up-to-date on opportunities throughout Texas.

Industry Insights Consultants keep abreast of the latest trends and developments in the IT industry through the TechServe Alliance quarterly report, IT Contractor Update.

Networking Opportunities iSphere hosts events periodically throughout the year to give consultants a chance to network together and get to know the iSphere team.

Questions If you are a consultant, either current or past, and have a question, please click here to send your question—we will respond promptly.