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The iSphere team is made up of IT ser vices & staffing exper ts who pride themselves on going above and beyond to meet client expectations. Meet iSphere's IT services and staffing leadership team: dedicated experts with a proven record of success.

george walker

managing partner

As Managing Partner at iSphere, George rarely has a dull day. He has spent much of his 20 years with the company juggling, fighting fires, teaching, mentoring, problem-solving, writing, editing, number-crunching, soothing, and sometimes cursing. He does it all with an eye to the real bottom line—helping his team connect winning technology solutions and quality talent with great clients.

Prior to founding iSphere, George held a number of progressively responsible positions within the industry ranging from Recruiting Management positions to V.P. for a regional IT consulting firm.

putting the "i" in isphere

What I love about my job: It's different nearly every day. Also, as easy as it is to complain about having to do crisis management, it's fun to be challenged and to be able to come up with workable solutions and get everyone focused on manageable steps and strategies to solve problems. Besides that, as I tell our staff, part of our jobs is to bond with people, listen, inform and entertain them. What could be better than that?


Quality people. iSphere has talented, fun, competent, honest, and morally upstanding people who get great satisfaction by achieving the best possible results and enjoy themselves during the process.


I enjoy relaxing with my wife and children whether we're doing something active like wakeboarding or just relaxing together and watching a movie.

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Groups & Affiliations

We broaden the scope of IT consulting and staffing expertise available to clients by partnering with high-quality, highly regarded companies.

hayes software systems specializes in providing industry leading solutions focused on school asset management and textbook inventory management. Our solutions track and manage instructional technology, facilities and capital inventory items. The results are increased efficiencies, time and cost savings, and powerful reporting. For the past twenty five years, HSS has been the driving force in educating school districts on how best to manage their inventories, and offering products and services that support those efforts.

TIMEWARE is an affordable provider of workforce management solutions offering easy-to-use software and Web-enabled devices to manage everything from HR administration and scheduling, to attendance and payroll. Timeware's solutions typically cost up to 70% less than the competition, and are supported by world-class customer service.

VERITY is a woman-owned Texas based company providing contract & project staffing, contract for hire, and salaried-full time placement services. Verity brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the IT industry ranging from recruiters with more than 15 years of dedicated IT recruiting experience to account management staff with deep niche expertise.

CatchOn's mission is to support teaching and learning through more effective uses of data and technology. By capturing and sharing insights on which technologies are truly effective for schools, learning outcomes can be improved at a lower cost, thereby providing a gateway to a higher quality education for more students.

CYPHER'S mission is to protect schools, governments, corporations and their clients, students, employees, and stakeholders by protecting their identities, businesses, families, and assets in an everchanging technological world.

Results-Oriented IT Consulting Services

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